What is an Italian Trullo

There are numerous hypotheses behind the beginning of the trullo. One of the more mainstream speculations is that because of high tax collection on property, the general population of Apulia manufactured dry stone divider developments so they could be disassembled immediately when assess auditors were in the territory.

However, that doesn’t stop them being sturdy – Many Trullos date back hundreds of years are are unique to Puglia.

Trullo Walls

Trullos are usually circular and are ordinarily built from strong limestone blocks, these limestone blocks can be up to 2 meters thick and were originally collected from the surrounding land in Puglia.

Now days, builders will utilize a limestone morter, “Calcio”, to seal in all of the spaces in between the blocks. Which is different to the dry-built style the ancient Pugliesi used originally.

Trullos are made from an inner and outer wall filled with stones. In recent years cork has also been used to act like a form of insulation.

This is a great way to keep the trullo cool during the blistering heat summer brings. And warm during the winter months.

Trullo Roofs

The cupola (roof) is formed by using smaller stones that are cut by hand called “chianche”. These are laid in decreasing circles and create a balance. This means no large blocks are required and is truly a great skill the ancient locals developed.

This dates all the way back to when the local peasants and farmers could not afford to buy regular materials and so they would collect limestone rocks from surrounding land. This necessity for an affordable home brought them a skill that would still be world famous today.

Trullo Symbols

Often times with Trullos, you may notice that the cone has a symbol on it. Some of the common symbols Christian symbols and Mystical symbols.


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